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Achieve a transformation that goes

Forget about shrinking yourself down to fit society's standards. With our holistic strength-based approach, we're here to help you build lean muscle, get stronger (because who doesn't love feeling powerful?), have more energy, and rewrite your lifestyle habits for long-lasting, kickass results.


Since working with All-Tru …

I’m not sure there’s enough room here. Alexa literally changed everything for me: the way I thought about food, the quality of food, micronutrients, recovery, reducing inflammation, discipline, confidence, all the things. I've never felt or looked better. Just the results I’ve been able to get with her and none of it included cutting down calories or eating boring food. It was so educational for me and it’s built to make you independent of needing coaching constantly.

Emily B

Client Review

My health is now so much more important to me than it ever was because of this program. I absolutely love being able to work out every day and I live for it! The feeling after I work out now is honestly incredible. Seeing the amount of muscle I’ve built is awesome. I’m stronger than I ever was and I’ve built so much more confidence in myself.

Alexis M.

Client Review

I've been able to make bigger gains in weightlifting than I'd made in 10 years of crossfitting. It's insane what a big part nutrition was in hitting my goals, and I had never really realized it! I do feel like I have developed more mental toughness, and developed strategies around fueling myself daily and while traveling has also helped me learn how to break down and strategize other obstacles that have come my way. I think some of my newfound confidence has also helped me build stronger friendships and partnerships.

Maggie O.

Client Review

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say...

When “typical” fitness and nutrition coaches don’t work for you anymore… that’s where we step in.

Strict meal plans and macro counting, email check-ins, focusing strictly on measurements or scale weight… this style of coaching fails to actually create long lasting and meaningful results.

This leads to the problems that most women have when they first come to All-Tru

“I’ve been in a complete plateau for over 2 months and haven’t lost any fat despite eating in a calorie deficit”

“There is so much information out there on what to (or not to) eat. I end up getting overwhelmed, frustrated & quit”

“I have always struggled to find a healthy balance. I tend to fall into the "all or nothing" mindset and when I can't meet my expectations I fall apart.”

“I feel like I am always busy. I am exhausted and my cup is depleted every single day. I need time for ME.”

“I want to bulk and build muscle but I’m afraid of the scale. I’m constantly going from one place to another with it.”


Our Freedom in Strength Method will transform your lifestyle, physique, strength, and how you view health and fitness in general. More importantly, as you’re guided and educated through this journey with us, it will empower YOU to be able to continue to make progress on your own (without the guidance from a coach).

  • First things first: we audit your current lifestyle and health. We're all about building solid habits and optimizing your health, getting you physically and mentally ready to crush your goals in the months ahead. It's like laying down the bricks for the fortress of your future gains!

    Setting the Foundation

  • In this phase, we’re being consistent, and focused on making some serious progress in reaching your goal physique and performance goals. This is where we push nutrition, training intensity, and consistency.

    Building the New You

  • You made it! You were extremely consistent in your training and nutrition protocols for months now. It's time to now go out and enjoy the new physique and strength you built (and still have some structure)!

    Enjoying the View

  • You just made tons of lifestyle changes and created new habits. It's time to learn how to maintain your progress while also taking a step back from having so much structure. Here you learn how to ENJOY all the hard work you put in while still continuing to make forward progress.

    Sustain and Fine Tune

Learn from our 
experienced, strong, knowledgeable, and empathetic coaches.

Our team thrives on giving guidance, support, education, and sometimes a little tough love. Our certified coaches have helped 300+ women go from feeling “stuck” to “strong” using our proven    4-phase Freedom in Strength method.


Owner / Head Coach




CFL2, PNL1, TFC L1, B.S Health & Human Performance


B.S. Health & Exercise Science, NASM-CPT + CNC, Pre + Post Natal (pending)

Request a free, 30 min nutrition consultation

This is your time to feel heard and understood - we’ll talk about your current goals, struggles, what you typically eat in a day and around your workout schedule, and most importantly how you’re feeling with your current progress. 


We want to give you the same support and guidance we give to our clients, so you’ll leave the call with key pointers on how to improve your physique, strength, recovery and break through plateaus.

It’s time you change the way you approach your health and fitness

The “basic” coach way

strictly macro or meal plan focused nutrition coaching without any room for improvisation

general fitness plan made for the masses (like one-size-fits-all leggings that never quite fit right)

email check in with little personalization (or personality)

little communication about YOU (your stressors, job, home life, relationship with food)

no real guidance on optimizing your body’s signals (aka your stress, sleep, hormones, gut)

strictly focused on physique changes (so they can use your before and after picture)

(unintentionally) makes you feel like another number in their roster

The All-Tru coach way

receive knowledge and guidance on how to track macros and also intuitively eat - because who wants to be chained to tracking macros forever?

personalized training program built for you based on your goals, equipment, previous injuries & more

weekly video check-ins from your coach ensure you're not just heard, but truly understood, with clear direction to keep you on track.

support from our close knit community (our group chat is poppin’)

additional guidance and support from our Registered Dietitian advisor to help support gut and your hormone health

focus on physique as well as reaching optimal health, happiness and confidence

you feel like a HUMAN, not just a client numner (don’t be surprised when we remember your dogs birthday)

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